PROOF THAT SHIFTING IS REAL (I measured my heart rate)

Hey guys, I have found actual proof that reality shifting / quantum jumping is actually real.

I'm sure that if you have ever tried to shift before, you have felt symptoms. A lot of people believe these symptoms are just your body falling asleep, but this is simply not true. Yesterday I tried to shift and I got really close, the closest I've ever gotten. I set up this experiment where I wore a smart watch while shifting to measure my heart rate, since I already know it goes craaazy when you get close to shifting.

When I checked my heart rate of that time, I saw that it spiked to... drumroll... 210 beats per minute 😟 . Right before that my heart rate was very low, since I was suuuper relaxed and in a meditative state. I have done a lot of research on how a heartrate can get this high, and it shows that it can only get this high when you do heavy exercise, and even then it's very unlikely. I have done exercise before and my heart rate has never gotten above 120.

Okay so there is basically no natural way for your heart rate to get this high, especially not when laying down being very relaxed. Even if I was just getting excited, it wouldn't even come close to 210 bpm. This is proof that shifting is real, there is no other way for a heart rate to get so high.

There are soo many more things I have to share about shifting and my shifting journey that could immensely help you that nobody talks about online. I am considering starting a YouTube channel to share all these shifting related things, but for now I will just post them here on spacehey. If you wanna read more you should definitely check out my profile.

I hope this helped you!! It definitely helped me legitimize my shifting experiences, since I doubt my own experiences sometimes, which is completely normal and doesn't hold you back from shifting. Byee!! :D

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