I fucking hate being unemployed

Title says it all. Used to have a good paying job too (as much as I hated food service), and it was at least something to do and I got paid for it. Now I have less than $200 in my account and I'm bored out of my goddamn mind just about every day. Applied to some places too, but 2 of them rejected me and I'm just waiting from 2 others and idek if I'm gonna get those.

All because my family thought it was a good idea to move from Japan to goddamn Kentucky.

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If yall can believe it a few hours after I made this post I got a call to setup an interview for a place I applied at, so I might have a job soon 👀

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Oof, that sucks :/
But hey, maybe in the meantime you can do more of what you like? Or find something new?
Especially since finding a job rn can be pretty time consuming

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apply at Long John Silver's if you have one in your area. I kid you not, its the easiest fucking job to get and you do fuck all for a living

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Theodore Snowfall

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I feel the exact same way

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