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My Day 10-3-23

    So I had a pretty eventful day. I had a job interview scheduled at a children's museum at 2 but then before that I got a phone call. This was a call from another place I applied to which is a thrift shop in town. I hadn't been there before so I decided that I would go and scope it out before my museum interview. Let me tell you, this place is weird as hell and I love that about it. It's got a layout that makes me think it used to be a house someone lived in because everything is separated into different rooms and hallways like a thrift maze. It kind of smelled gross and my clothing finds were underwhelming (not much fit my vibe and the few cute things I found weren't in my size). I did, however, find something wonderful! I didn't even see the toy section at first because of the maze-like nature of the store but when I did there was a perfect condition 2002 cheer bear waiting for me. She's so clean and fluffy and still has the tag on her ear! If thats not a sign I don't know what is! So we will see if my cheer bear luck carries into that job interview on Thursday. 

    As for my actual job interview of the day we aren't there yet in the story. There was still time to kill and I wanted to get lunch. I looked on my phone to see what was nearby and there was a pretty reasonably priced Italian place really close which sounded pretty good. I probably could have walked from the thrift store but I moved my car over anyway and was greeted by these huge doors. When I walked in it was obvious that, much like the thrift shop, this used to be someone's house and a very old fancy house at that. I felt kind of awkward like I was a guest in someone's home having lunch rather than in a restaurant. The eggplant parm was really good though. Plus I got to eavesdrop on two older ladies talking shit the whole time. 

    Now for the actual interview! I went to the front desk at the children's museum and I wasn't late but the lady I was supposed to ask for was already waiting for me. She seemed really nice and sweet and asked a lot of weird questions. I don't know how my personality as an ice cream flavor relates to me being good for a job but maybe that important somehow. Like it's a no cookies and cream establishment lol. Anyway I feel like I did alright but then at the end she said she would need three references which I am DREADING. I do not want to have to call up people for favors. And it's not like I have many people ready and willing to sing my praises! I've only had one job which I got fired from and I'm barely making it through college. 

    We'll see what happens with that but to continue my story of the day, I chilled at home for a few hours and then left for my psychiatrist appointment. I burst out crying when she asked me about how things have been so yknow thats a good sign about how my life is going. After that (yes I'm still going) I stopped by Walmart because there wasn't much food left in my apartment plus I want to make a tuna casserole sometime this week and I needed some ingredients. Since then I've been in my room, ate a hot pocket for supper, and started making a neocities site. I may at some point get it to a point I'm happy with but that day is certainly not going to be today, tomorrow, or the day after that. Tis the struggle of having a mental image of what you want and none of the technical know-how to do it. 

    Now I wanna do a thing from now on where instead of just giving a song, I also say what I'm watching. I would do reading as well but I'm not trying to embarrass myself over here. So here we go:

What I'm Listening To:

Such a cool song. Sorry to NCT Dream that it took me this long to listen to it. I didn't feel much for the title track of this album so it took me until this week to check out the b-sides. Blue Wave is worth the wait though. The instrumentation is bouncy and fun as hell.

What I'm Watching:

I may or may not count podcasts in the future but this one is a video podcast sooooo. On any other day this spot would be given to or at least shared with One Piece but I actually didn't have time to watch an episode today. 

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good luck with your new job, i hope that it turns out to be a great fit for you!

i also looked up the cheer bear, i love how it's pink and has a nice rainbow on it. i also have a small care bear that i won from an arcade claw machine. i think it's called wish bear, he's light blue and has a shooting star :)

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WISH BEAR! I love her. She was my first care bear back when I was a kid <3

by josie; ; Report

ohh i didn't know it was a girl bear, i don't know much about care bears also wish bear is my first care bear too!

by nara; ; Report

Lol yours can be a boy! The care bears are pretty gender bendy anyway. A lot of them have changed gender over the years, most famously funshine bear and swift heart rabbit (who would sometimes change pronouns within one appearance). They also have an official nonbinary bear!

by josie; ; Report


🦷ryboflavyn⭐'s profile picture

I looked up the 2002 cheer bear its sooo adorable!! Looks very huggable.

If I was an ice cream flavour I'd be ice cream with gummy bears 🧸

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I know right! I have a special place in my heart for the early 2000's bears. I actually now have three cheer bears. One is from 1983, one is from the current toyline, and my new one is 2002! I love those bears.

Also my flavor is salted caramel pretzel which I had once at a Baskin Robbins and loved.

by josie; ; Report

That sounds so goodd, uve got me craving ice cream now lol

by 🦷ryboflavyn⭐; ; Report