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rating the bilboard top 10 aka copying jeffree star

Number 1: Miley Cyrus "Flowers"

- ew, sounds like she wanted to die while recording it..

Number 2: Boys a liar ft. Ice Spice 

- luv my girl ice spice, BUTTT the song is not my fave ;-; the outfits ate tho-

Number 3: Coi Leray "Players"

- hate it. no explantion needed ;-;

Number 4: Lana Del Rey "A&W"

-LUV ITT! screams very lana 

Number 5: Raye "EScapism"

- AGAIN sooo bad, like why cant music be good nowadays..  + she looks like a whore ;-;

Number 6: Beyonce "America Has A Problem"

- the beat is so cunty but the lyrics and thr vocals r just not it sis-

Number 7: Selena Gomez "Calm Down"

- i think the song is about her to calm down and pick a better outfit to wear in that mv cause what is thatt ;-;

Number 8: FIFTY "Cupid"

- no, just no.

Number 9: Tyler The Creator "DogTooth"
- his voice makes me violent, sorry..

Number 10: NIcki MInaj & Ice Spice "Princess Diana"
- every barb NEEDS to raise up to this, loves it

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