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Music ~

Music to me is a type of venting mechanism. I can rage, cry, and smile in music. It's better putting it into lyrics than telling someone who would freak out about my health. Music is also a way to get everything out. 

- Your favorite song? Scream it.

- Your least favorite song? Burn it. 

Music has a special grasp on our Generation (Z), its how we relate to things in the messed up world were in. For example if I may, Bikini Kill is a popular group affiliated with Feminism. Us females had to FIGHT for that right to do anything, now its getting ripped away from us again. I love my body the way it is, I will have NO man tell me that its ugly. The amount of celebs and young girls this is happenings to makes me worried for the world to be honest. 

What I'm saying is: Music can Express this all.

FUCK the Patriarchy in the ass, Women!

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