tv .

i wanna watch cartoonz again . 

i wanna finish AWOG, steven universe n maily adventure time but its been years n yrs since i've watched any of em n feel like i'd have to rewatch em all to catch up to where i was so yk im like up to date with what i used to know abt them but thats so like time consuming n its not like i do much that takes up my time anyway but like it feels like a chore even tho i wanna do it !!!! 

i miss being able to go downstairs as a lil fella when i was off school or just in general n just binge cartoonz all day but i havent even watched tv in like 4 yrs i think so anyway but like idk i wanna know what happens at the end of adventure time mainly cos its my fav cartoon evz n is one of the only things that i feel could truly hit the lil nostalgia button in my brian n have that childish joy feeling again yk ALSO i dont wanna just watch some dumb little stoopid yt video about the timeline or smthn i wanna exp it yk !??! 

idk mb have an ok day :P

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