About 3-4 days ago. I was peacefully sitting in math class when the sound of the fire alarm went off. We all had to evacuate and stand outside in the sorta-kinda hot weather. We stood out there for a good 10-15 minutes and we saw the firefighters show up. The best part about this though? during all this, some kid had ordered Chik-fil-a. and we watched as a Chik-fil-a vehicle pulled up and gave some kid their meal. We never found out what even caused the alarms to go off, cause there wasn't a fire to our knowledge. My ideas for what set the alarm off are- 

A) Some kid pulled the alarm. 

B) Something happened in the kitchen.

C) An evil demon stepped into the school, causing the alarm to get so scared that he started screaming.

I personally think it might be A)

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