In honour of bf day I'm gonna tell you guys about my boyfriend.

We met last December. Technically we met online before that, but this was our first in-person link up. We did shots and danced and walked and sang all night and at some point he did a squat while carrying me. I was so impressed. I slept over at his on New Year's Day and he gave me a full body massage. It was so good I fell asleep while he did my shoulders.

Officially, we've been together for 6 months now. To me, we've been together ever since we started talking. I am a much better person for having met him. I'm an eldest daughter from a really emotionally abuse background, and he's helped me heal and grow so much in the short time I've known him. I'm so much calmer and at peace now. He is quite literally the best person I've ever had in my life. I've never needed or loved anyone like this. He's so genuinely good to me. Here are few examples of how:

• When I can't sleep he'll stay up with me until I fall asleep, no matter how tired he is.

• He gets me whatever I'm craving, whether I'm on my period or not.

• He's a phenomenal cook and he always makes me my favourite pasta when I visit. He'll also cook anything else that I ask for, or figure it how to do it if it's something he hasn't tried before.

• Whenever I bring up an issue he hears me out and works to fix it. He also encourages me to speak to him about things instead of just sweeping them under the rug. He genuinely listens and tries to avoid hurting my feelings in any way.

• He makes it a point that I, and everyone else, know how much he loves me.

• He is amazing in bed. Every time.

There are so many amazing parts of him that can't even be expressed by words, only experienced. I love you so much baby. You're the best thing about my world<3

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