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More stuff about me!!

-I used to be in a lot more of fandoms, but I decided to leave them because of the kind of people they had... (;′⌒`)

-My birthday is the 16 of april!!

-Transmasc, actually..

-I live in Argentina, but I managed to learn English quite well and I prefer to use it more on Social Media. =.=

-It might sound weird, but I have a slight (Big) obsession with a lot of fictional characters (Sano is one of them-) (ˉ▽ˉ;)...

-I'm 13 actually. But soon I'll be in my 14! (Not big deal, also.)

-I can reply a little late because of my school times and those stuffs..


-I don't really use Social Media that often...

-Don't ask about my family or personal stuff (I'm not really comfortable talking about that subjects.. ╯︿╰)

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