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how september went

Honestly? September passed by way, way, way too quick. I'm writing this in a melancholy mood, so sorry if I seem sad, all the events this month were pretty fun.

School started. I don't really care about it but I do not like my homeroom teacher that much, and I'm still the quiet kid that sits alone, but honestly I think I prefer to be that. I had a math exam on the 13th and it went... Surprisingly well?? I expected to fail but I got a 72/100, so that's nice.

Ob the 20th I had a field trip from my art elective, and it was pretty fun!! We were at this museum that was hosting the graduate gallery. It was really pretty and the place was nice as well, and I met up w/ someone who I befriended and we're meeting up tomorrow/on the 4th!! I can't wait!!

On the 27th to the 28th, I was at a scouts seminar where we just prepared for starting the year. It was alright, but we did have a heatwave, and some activities needed to be outside, so that was annoying.

But most of the month has just been vacations where I've done nothing, so I don't really have much to share. I'd say the month overall went well, nothing overly special.

Ok my fav part now, vocal synth releases! 

On the 7th, released Otomachi Una's VOICEPEAK! I love her design in that one actually. No way, Esh actually likes an Una design not clickbait. I'm just kidding, I also like Una's V6 sugar voicebank design. I in general prefer her sugar voicebank over her spicy voicebank.

On the 26th, Tsudumi Suzumi received a VoiSona voicebank!! I don't really care much about it, but her design, That was also used for her CeVIO AI, is pretty cute.

Seeya next month.

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