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video game idea: nba dating sim

disclaimer: this is mostly not serious

so i was thinkin bout it this morning and i thought it would be really funny if there was a dating sim in which all the love interests were pro athletes… and literally nothing else is different from other dating sims

so the main premise is that youre in school (because the love interests are all adults we’ll say college or grad school) and your love interests are three classmates of yours: 1996 michael jordan, 2001 kobe bryant, and 2016 lebron james, and to profess your love to them you gotta say that one of them is the goat (later in the game when youve built up a relationship with one of them)

the most important part of that is that doing so will break off any relationships with the other two cause they wont want to be with someone who thinks highly of someone whos not them

we can have sequels with other players (thinkin bout one for nba players with no rings, the love interests would be charles barkley, allen iverson, and chris paul) and i was thinkin of a spinoff called “dinner with boban” in which you have dinner with boban marjanovic

to reiterate: this is a joke and i dont think an nba dating sim would do well outside of the “my glorious king lebron james” crowd

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Don Care

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as long as James Harden is in it. I'd love to see him shaqtin a fool at the first date

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if you break up with him he’s gonna bring out the fat suit and transfer to another school

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Edgar Allan Hoe

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there should be a part where lebron says "Do you play centre? Because youre the centre of my attention"

wouild have me melting on the spot ^_^

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so based

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there is a game call barkley, shut up and jam: gaiden thats basically charles barkley saving the world. it's basicially a cheezy jrpg game

link to the wikipedia article,_Shut_Up_and_Jam:_Gaiden

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