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i have this candy clown character named Kake(cake but with a K instead of a C) hes aaaaaaaaaa

bit of a kookoo for cocoa puffs kinda guy

like I mean that both literally and figuratively- bros like..... crazy for candy 


he first started out as this guy named Benjamin, he worked at this candy factory (think willy wonka except that it's not just chocolate) aaaand they did ✨ILLEGAL SHIT✨ like putting things into candy that... probably shouldn't go in thereeeee

so lil ol Benny was just a guy who would wrap up the candies and give them to the people who would put it in boxes and eventually, sell them.

one day though, the company was making a new candy that had some type of thing in it that they weren't sure how it would affect the human body, so, having run out of volunteer taste testers, they took Benjamin, and locked him in a room(a rubber room..) with padding and all that to taste test the candy. he did.

an hour or so passed and nothing seemed to happen, so they let him out, which would probably be the biggest mistake of their life as 

the thing that they put in the candy, and how it affects the human body is crazy.

first, it attacks the neurological sensors on the body, so basically less pain, but also makes him lose his sense of reality, self, and just overall awareness.

then it messes with the tastebuds and how things smell, making it all smell/taste super sweet, and almost an unbearable urge to eat whatever it is that the person smells the most.

when he was locked up in the room, he couldn't smell the sweet stench coming from the other people who worked there, so he thought he was fine, then the door opened and the smell wafted into his nostrils, and he started attacking

and eating

he did end up getting one of his eyes stabbed, which later scarred over and turned into a peppermint-looking candy

so! cannibal candy clown

I was debating on giving him a gummy worm tail, that would be kinda stubby since this mf probably ate half of the tail, but idk if the candy would affect his body THAT much

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