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some weird things I do/think about

HELLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOO EVERYONEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!1!!11!!!!!!!!111 today's blog is mostly just about weird things i do/think :D i thought this would be a funny idea to do since i got pretty strange habits and thoughts and hey, maybe someone reading this does the same! which would be funny lololololololol

1. SOMETIMES ill buy in-game currency for a game thats 10 dollars but for some reason i forbid myself from buying an app from the app store thats $0.99

2. whenever i have a thought about myself that is too positive or too negative, i try to steer myself away from it. that reason being if the thought is too positive, like for example saying "im so handsome" or "my eyes are so beautiful" the opposite will happen and they will shift directions and become ugly. if the thing im saying about myself is too negative however, then it will become true, maybe even worse then before. so, for example, if i said "my eyebags are so big"  then my eyebags would become worse and droopier, or if i say "my foreheads big" then my forehead would become bigger. now your probably thinking, "sam are u stupid? just dont think about those thoughts, or better yet, dont believe it!" AND I DONT TRUST ME!!! its mostly, to me, just superstition and coincidence, but its still hard to get over :(

3. almost every single time im in the car, i imagine a giant blade or something slashing the back of my car open, then i just imagine us driving with the back half of the car totally gone and us freaking out.

4. this one is relating to number 3, but i always imagine whenever im in class that the tiles that go to the roof start fall down and start crashing down on the students below. (this isnt weird, i swear im not the only one who does this)

5. whenever i listen to music, i can only imagine only two scenarios: one where im fighting someone with super powers (at school of course so everyone can see), and the other where im preforming the song that im listening to to the entire school, while they stare in shock and awe. i hate that i cant be creative enough to think of different things to imagine but those two are so fun to me idk.

6. (this mostly happened when i was younger but it still happens now just not as much) whenever i would be given something, like an unopened eraser or something in a package, and it had my name written on the package (just the package might i add, not the thing itself), weather it be from my mom or someone i knew, id feel bad throwing away the wrapper because it had my name on it, meaning that someone had especially gifted this item to me, no matter how small or unnecessary it was, and so i HAD to keep the wrapper that had my name on it and just have it around. id keep it at home or in my pocket or on my desk, but i always had wrappers laying around with my name on it. i think i did this because im a very emotionally attached person.

7. sometimes when im in my bed or by myself, i imagine a scenario where both of my parents died or someone died that i was very close to and, NO JOKE, ID START GETTING EMOTIONAL THINKING ABOUT IT AND IDK WHY I DO IT. I DON'T EVEN STOP MYSELF EITHER I JUST KEEP IMAGINING IT AND KEEP GETTING SAD OVER SOMETHING THAT NEVER EVEN HAPPENED its the dumbest thing ever i dont even know why i do it, but i just do xD

8. whenever you hand me a baseball, i will unravel it. like i seriously pull out every single red string, take off the skin of the baseball, and unravel the string inside until i get to the center. i do this because its fun. seriously, its super fun. try it.

9. i use to take hand weights into the pool with me so i would sink to the bottom and it would allow me to walk around and mess around. i could go into more detail about what i did but i don't think it would make sense. if anyone is curious tho, comment about it and ill try and explain it.

10. whenever ive been to a house enough times, i will always try and find a way to climb on top of the roof. like i will walk all the way around the house and i will find the best solution to find out how to get on the roof. i love roofs. i love climbing to the roof of things, and i will find a way to climb ontop of a roof.

okay thats all the thoughts i could think of right now :D i could probably think of more but i feel like theyd keep getting worse and harder to explain so im just going to leave it here ;p

thanks for reading! :D

P.S pls comment i love to read them

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