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Opinion Piece: Country Music vs. Alternative/Indie Music

Dear "Life as a Teenager" viewers,

Today is the miraculous Opinion Piece Wednesday. Today's topic you lovely people ask, well, it's the controversy between Country Music vs. Alternative/Indie Music. 

Now imagine it is a Thursday and you are driving home. You've got your windows down as the autumn air floods into your car. The sun is slowly setting as the day comes to dusk.  You're reflecting on the school day you just had; maybe being late to school, acing a math test, having lunch with a friend, etc. Most important of all though, you turn on the radio to a station that fits your mood, that fits you. What would that station be? Country or Alternative/Indie? 

Personally, the music would have to fit my mood. If I had a good day and I felt confident I would be blasting that sweet country music and singing along to the music. But, if I had a decent day then I would be listening to Alternative/Indie music. That music allows me to think about life and all it has to offer - good or bad - the music just flows. Now, you're probably telling yourself "Viola you need to pick a genre" which is right I do. But how? Well, I guess today I will go off my mood. It was a good day at school for me today, I made it to my academic classes on time, I ate a bomb tuna sandwich for lunch, and I got to dress up in my favorite outfit (that I will keep a secret). So, today the controversy between Country music vs. Alternative/Indie music has been finalized as I have made the decision that country tropes all other genres. 

Until next time, 

Viola Black 


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