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i hate school so much i hope it burns in fire !!!~

i hate interacting with people.

They all judge you based on your looks.

Your brain.

'JUST BE YOURSELF" they say..but when we do be ourself some of us are now labeled as "cringe" "childish" "kid". 

if you're not pretty they all treat you like a piece of garbage,

but when you are pretty they treat you like a diamond.

pretty girls always wins right?

society these days are get it.

you can't like something they don't like or else you're "weird"

you can't like the same thing like some of them since that means you're a "copycat"

teacher's giving out tons of homework saying it's not even "a lot"

people using suicide as a "joke"

seriously what is wrong with people?

People can't understand each others completely.

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