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People in their 30s on sites like this lol

Grow tf up like wtf, you cannot relive your “glory days” as attainable sites like these make it seem. Your 30, have a family or do something with your life. Millennials are the worst because they can never be selfless in any scenario, and being on a site like this shows how far gone some of you all are. NEWSFLASH: We all wanna go back to better times but you can’t! This world has changed enough to the point where the world you grew up in is long dead, and the same goes for me! What I had is gone but you dont see me go on PBS Kids or or some shit. So in conclusion if youre in your 30s, grow up, quit this internet shit and touch grass.

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jeez youre mad

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ikr how dare millennials use spachey, the site specifically designed to look like myspace in the early 2000s - and would thus appeal to millennials who used myspace in the early 2000s. also i totally agree that anyone over the age of 25 should just drop any and all hobbies they have so they can dedicate themselves entirely to working and/or having a family, because past that point they're too old to have fun. who they were before that literally doesn't matter because working and reproducing is all they're good for anyway, so reminiscing on their past in any capacity is a waste of time.

just in case you can't pick up on the sarcasm, i think you're delusional and i really truly hope you go out and talk to people in the real world. pray that the youth of the future don't talk about you like you have just done to the previous generation because you'll want that sympathy and kindness. L take.

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Are you an idiot? Do you think after people turn 30 they can't have fun anymore? Everyone at every age needs outlets to have fun, relax, and learn new skills. There's also no harm in engaging in harmless forms of nostalgia. Plus Spacehey is a way healthier social media that most others out there right now, so it makes sense that people of all ages would want to spend their time here rather than TikTok or some shit. You literally just sound like an ageist asshole

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Dang lol

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