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words ★ au contraire

"au contraire" 

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"weird dog there," he says.

"lol, it's nothing, i neglect to mention him anyways," they say, with my leash dangling off their wrist.

it's such a passé thing, a pet, a lover,

and each of them know they could find another.

bile, jealousy, acting out, chewing on your shoes

sometimes i wonder if you ever knew-

fast forward, flashback,

misconstrued words, and minor heart attacks.

i was a shithead then, all bark, couldn't bite,

vowed to never be that animal again, i'll,

scratch and claw and burn inside,

watching you from where i hide.

you deserve friends and adoration, 

jokes and exclamations,

but i will remain, a shaking tender beast, 

tired from the noise, sleeping at your feet.

words words words words words

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