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🧟‍♂️🐾⭐️ 03.10.2023 ⭐️🐾🎹

I rarely see ANY blogs, yknow those blogs right,  on here and idk if ppl find it cringey to do them but i dont really care since I’ve wanted to do blogs for a whiiiile now and i think they’re cute and fun >:3 ! ! ! 

Yesterday was pretty nice. My best friend and i went to the mall and i got a bunch of keychains cus im addicted to that shit and we also got sweets and clothes. The pants i bought are SO CUTE, i literally bought 3 of the same pants, literal copy-and-paste, but just in diff colors :P ANYWAYS, I was buying a game the other day (its God of War the one before Ragnarok cus I’ve been OBSESSED ever since Coryxkenshin played GoW: Ragnarok) and there was 2 ppl being the counter and one of them literally asked “Why God of War??🤨” it would’ve been fine if he said it in a joking way or whatever BUT he looked disgusted at my game choice and i felt SO SELF CONSCIOUS LIKE, im sorry that i like God of War my mistake i should’ve taken FIFA or FIFA part 2😭 I just said “Cus it’s a nice game and i got really into it recently” even tho its been almost a YEAR since I’ve started REALLY being into the game. 

There was this other game i wanted so bad, It’s Vampire: The masquerade and i saw it at that same game shop and i wanted it SO BAD but it’s was only for the ps5 (i have a ps4 >:3 ) and i was abt to throw a hissy fit (not really lol) cus i wanted that game so bad but i didn’t even have enough money to buy it sooooo idk WHAT i expected LMAOOO

Anyways, i remember seeing this other guy by the mall when my friend and i were eating and WOW I WANNA LOOK LIKE HIM SOOO BAD! ! ! He had long-ish hair and just uuugh i wanna look like him sooo bad but at the same time i wanna dress like a gal and wear pretty stuff and look super uper feminine but i wanna look uper looper masculine and what sucks is that i can’t just choose to be a dude for a day cus my bod isn’t the type that can easily make me look masculine. Ig my FACE ALONE could but not my body which sucks lol >:/! ! ! I’m workin on myself tho so i can get to a point where i can be able to look like a dude and take over the world >:3 mwahaha ! ! !

ANYWAys, that’s pretty much it ! ! ! This little rant was fun and i think I’ll do it more often if i have time cus im a busy gal and im forgetful lol >:P

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