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want a doodle? consider these breeds

ethical breeding tiktok is a current hyperfixation of mine, so i wanted to make a list of dogs that people want in doodles but can be found in actual dog breeds, such as looks, personality, and size. note, it's ok to love your poodle mix as long as you release the harm backyard breeders are doing to dogs.

  • standard poodle
  • portuguese water dog
  • curly-coated retriever
  • airedale terrier
  • american water spaniel
  • barbet
  • bichon frise
  • border terrier
  • clumber spaniel
  • english setter
  • otterhound
  • beldington terrier
  • wheaten terrier
  • the non-poodle parent of a doodle (ex. golden retriever instead of goldendoodle)

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