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♡ Intro Blog ♡


♡ hello!! welcome to my about me page!! ♡

i'm Feli! i'm 20 years old and i draw goofy things and critters a lot!! i use any pronouns!

i have a TERRIBLE memory. my sleep schedule is really askew as well, so i often stay up much too late.. i'm generally more of a cat person, but I love dogs too!!!  i'd also like to learn to play guitar or piano one day.

i LOVE silly things and being silly!! i want to always try and look on the bright side of things!


♡ general interests ♡

clowns, drawing/painting/ceramics, primary colors, trinkets, stickers 'n' pins, roller skating, listening to music, puzzles, reading, yo-yo's, yummy little treats, and more!!!

♡ video games i play ♡

Pokemon, Splatoon 3, Yakuza (have played 0-5 so far!), Sky: Children of the Light, Hollow Knight, rhythm games (Sekai, Deemo, Muse Dash, Rhythm Doc, etc!!), Animal Crossing (WW, NL, NH), Stardew Valley, Cult of the Lamb, Everhood, Brawlhalla lol, etc!

pokemon sleep ID: 0993-1526-8140 (add me if you want!! haha)

♡ music taste ♡

some of my favorite bands include the Pixies, CAKE, The Smiths, Metric, Nirvana, Jack Johnson, Radiohead, Sublime, of Montreal, Pearl Jam, The Fixx, Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Cure, The Church, Korn, Alice in Chains, The Garden, Deftones, The Cars, TOOL, Slipknot, The Derevolutions, and LOTS more!

i love a lot of different kinds of music! the only ones that aren't my favorite are country, rap, and mainstream/radio pop. 

i'm always open to suggestions as well!! what's your favorite artist/band/song?

♡ my art ♡

i've been drawing ever since i could pick up a pencil! i still have a lot to learn though!!

i usually use MS Paint when drawing digitally, though i have used programs like Medibang occasionally! i draw using my laptop touch screen and a stylus! ^^

you can find my other social medias where i post here! : https://felibeli.carrd.co/


♡ Thanks for stopping by!! ♡

feel free to ask any questions if you're curious about anything! i'll reply as soon as i can! 

will likely update this page every now and then! ^^

have a wonderful day and stay silly my friends!!


cartoony doodle of my mascot Feli that i use often in my profiles!

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