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What Now?

What do I do now? spacehey cool but like what do I do? 

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liz (ノ・_-)☆

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its social media! add people, read blogs and forums, chat with people! you dont have to be on it 24/7 just check in whenever youre feeling it!

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Most of the content is in the blogs tbh its not meant to be all consuming like many other social media sites more like a check in occasionally type of place. You could also start and join groups and forums about certain topics or get help on a bunch of topics from your blogs, groups, and forums. Of course theres also just friending people and messaging them or leaving little comments on their pages or looking at their bulletins as well. Much of this place is also an art gallery so you could look at thay if youre bored. Even though theres not much to do this is a fun place to be bored if you dont want to be as locked in as tiktok, instagram or other social medias do its up to you to start the engagements.

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