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I met someone

SO i met this girl while i had my computer taken and her name is Jess and ahes super cool im gonna ask her out on October 13th bc its a friday this year and october friday the 13th would be a dope anniversary She said her 2 favorite flowers are black Dahlias and black roses but im gonna get her black roses despite her liking dahlias more because dahlias are poisonous to cats and she has a cat and he eats EVERYTHING!!!!!! im also gonna back her a bunch of cookies and im like getting her kandy korn too bc she loves that stuff also my cat gave birth to a kitten a black so i think im gonna give her the kitten too!!!! RAghhghghgh Shes like the demolition woman to my demolition man i cant wait !!!!!

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Hope that goes well for you man. Sounds like you got this shit locked down fr

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Thank youuu !!!

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