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What is the Best Social Media to Use and Why?

Personally I like Spacehey because: 

- It’s customizable 

-There’s no views and likes to see

-No algorithm

-No pressure to make tons of posts

-There’s friends instead of followers

-No bots

-No doomscrolling

-It’s more unknown compared to other social websites

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I also like Spacehey for the above reasons. I've definitely been using it more than the social medias I used to use. I also still have to vouch for Tumblr. Its algorithm sucks so it takes a lot of effort to curate, but once you do it's damn fantastic. There's content on there that I simply cannot find anywhere else. It's also really customizable, which is nice. It just doesn't emphasize the customizable feature as much.

Instagram and Twitter just suck nowadays. TikTok is like,,, the worst thing ever

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