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cringetober day 2: fursona

so at first i didnt really think there was a need to share the specific cringetober list i was doing, but i guess i will today cuz some of the other cingetober drawings im seeing are using diffrent lists than me and i dont want to confuse anybody  👍

i did two drawings for day 2 just cuz i liked the design x33 my fursona is a stuffed animal bat, originally i wanted to do a teddy bear but scince bats are my fav animal i wanted to add them in somehow. im also not good at drawing animal ears, so sorry they dont look the best :P



link to day 1

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OOOOUGH these look sooo good!!! also cringetober sounds so fun i might do it even if im a lil late :0c

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You definitely should it’s so fun!!!! :D

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