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Still remembering all the codes an how 2's. Its been almost a decade and a half!? Since it was called MYspace. Talked to the creator of spacehey. Strongly suggested he start a blog on tutorials like Tom used to. 

The days I first started out here. I was in my mid 20's. And horribly depressed an heartbroken. By my first. I don't call him my first love anymore. It wasn't luv. It was infatuation. I was constantly online trying to fill a void that wouldn't be filled. A whole. Where I just wanted it to end. I have been suicidal the majority of my life. Until 7yrs ago. God started changing my life. I left my toxic fiance. Things haven't been the same since. An for the better. I've been healed from those dark thoughts of suicide. I still have demons I have to deal with everyday. That haunt me. I'd be worried if they weren't. Cause that would mean I'm doing something wrong. 

I'm looking forward to moving into my new apartment!! It would be my second one. On my own😏 

Those memories of bein depressed an unmedicated. I believe Creator was preparing me for the future. And he still is. Even when I don't see him doing anything. He's working.

I love my life now. More than ever. I'm glad I'm still here. In this realm. I almost died from covid and pneumonia combined last year! Almost electrocuted to death earlier that year. Creator is always watching. Remember that.

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