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hellooooo everybody, let me tell you about.. not homestuck. so, its been a hot minute. roughly almost 2 months with absolutely no sight of my blog. anyways, if you're new, HELLO and welcome to my blog, and if you're NOT new, thanks for returning. just gonna go over some basic updates about life, and lets dooo ittt.


OKAY! first to start, i recently got into hetalia. horrible idea, but i don't regret it. i got into due to my best friend and wow. what a watch, honestly. a true product of it's time. i haven't finished all of it yet, but my bff and i plan on watching all the stage plays together and of course, the other seasons. i was told my one of my online friends, that based on my interests currently; im living in 2014. i don't disagree. whatsoever. it's true. i probably am. liking homestuck, ace attorney, and hetalia was NOT on my late 2023 bingo list, but i'll take what i can get. LMAO

i am going to NYCC, which i am SUPER excited for, by the way. my family and i are going to go as a group cosplay; the addams family. my mom has finally convinced me to go as wednesday-- after asking for 2-3 years straight of wanting to do this group cosplay. (i digress, we go one day almost every year so, it wont kill me.) i am ALSO going to AnimeNYC, in which i will be (hopefully) cosplaying as TEREZI from homestuck. lets pray my gray face paint won't smudge.

on another note, today is my minecraft accounts birthday. it turned 12 years old. so if you're 13 and you're reading this, you just barely got out of reach of my minecraft account. congrats, you got lucky. talking about birthdays, my birthday is roughly in 2 months, and i will likely do a blog post then if i can, if not the day before, or the day after. 

LAST UPDATE! i became the vice president of my highschools dnd club!!! which was awesome considering i'm a senior and this is my last year. felt really accomplishing since i've been playing dnd since i was 11-12-- so it all came full circle!!! it felt great and rewarding after all these years of playing haha. as pheonix wright would say, "Take that!" and hopefully you enjoyed reading about my life updates!

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