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Silly websites for you to enjoy ^^

    Hello and welcome to my silly website blog :3

Before we get into the meat of this post id like to say that all of these websites are (kinda obviously) free to use, and that the personal websites are near the end of the post. Also if you have any websites you would like to see added to the list comment or IM me! Ill be happy to add them while i still can. Happy browsing!

Each website will be color coded as follows:

red - Games / trinkets

orange - informational / learning

yellow - Personal websites

green - coding / internet

Blue - Other

Website 1 - The Deep Sea

The deep sea is a super cool website that shows how deep or ocean is. It lists how deep animals can go and a few ship wrecks as well!

Website 2 - sandspiel

Sandspiel is a "world building" website (not really but i couldn't find a better word). you play with different elements. This one is definitely not as fleshed out as other games like it, but i like its quaintness.

Website 3 - Color wheel

I use color wheel to help with picking good colors that go with each other or something like that. lots of ways to use it and is super helpful!

Website 4 - Pointerpointer

Pointerpointer grabs imaged from the web to find one that points wherever your cursor is on the screen. silly :3

Website 5 - Lexicography

A collection of “untranslatable” words from languages other than English.

Website 6 - Erowid

A website documenting different things about drugs and psychoactives. Very informational!

Website 7 - WINDOWS93

I love this website!! A retro windows screen with tons of games and activities to do!

Website 8 - HTML cheat sheet

An HTML cheat sheet, very useful and easy to use. Also includes some other things like CSS and Java cheat sheets!

Website 9 - Cursors4u

Lots of cursors, animated and not. I actually have trouble getting the animated cursors to work, but I'm sure there's a way to fix it i just haven't found yet.

Website 10 - SuperCook

I love this website so so much. You list what ingredients you have in your house, and it will list what recipes you can make!! Some recipes I've seen aren't the greatest but most of them are fantastic!

Website 11 - 12ft Ladder

12ft ladder  is used to block paywalls on articles and things like that.

Website 12 - Windows 98 Icon Viewer

A website containing lots of old windows icons, just neat :3

Website 13 - Likelike

Likelike is a interactive museum of games! its very neat and has tons of different mini games to look at

Website 14 - Watching grass grow

Watching grass grow, surprisingly high amount of content. Who knew watching grass grow could be so popular.

Website 15 - Gnoosic

Amazing website for helping you find new music, put in a few music artists you like and it will give you lots of artists to look at that sound similar!

Website 16 - MyNoise

Ambient/Background noise website, TONS of different sounds to choose from and you can configure how loud each aspect is.

Website 17 - freesound

Free sounds, lots of different variety and obviously free to use! I like the different rain and train sounds ^^.

Website 17 - emeowly

Personal website with a very purple theme, very creative and even has open stamp creation requests! :D

Website 18 - cinni's dream world

Cute website with lots of content, one of my favorite inspirations ^^

Website 19 - uncanny valley

One of my biggest website inspirations ever, very FLESHED out (ha) and absolute tons of content. Warning for drawn gore/blood though!

Website 20 - cloverbell

Cutesie personal website with a great theme, very homey!

This is the end for now, this post is already long enough. But i do have a lot more websites, so if people would like ill make a part 2! And again if you have any suggestions let me know and ill add them to either this post or possibly the next one. Thank you for viewing and i hope you found some new fav websites ^^!

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sasquatch (wicketmaster)

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aw thanks these websites are so cool!!

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♡•☆°•Uminita•°☆•♡'s profile picture

It's really helpful! I love it, I'm going to look at a couple of those interesting pages and tell you about my experience.☺

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Im glad! excited to hear abt it ^^

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this is not nsfw btw idk why it says that...

by fei; ; Report

LOL ill add it to my list for the next blog :3

by spookss; ; Report

Crash Test Dummy!1

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neat! just 1 thing, "supercook" links back to Cursors4U so if u could change that it would be great!1

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ah sorry! ill fix it now ^^

by spookss; ; Report

Maxie moo

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This is honestly so cute and helpful! will def be checking some of these out!

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Maxie moo

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This is honestly so cute and helpful! will def be checking some of these out!

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