Cat Pics!

I always forget I have a SpaceHey account, but Becky's post reminded me so I figured I should post some cat pics. We have been adopted, which is tough since my husband is allergic, but Larry Purrsmore does not want to come into any buildings unless there are rodents to hunt in there so it's working out.

He was born to the cat colony that took up residence on our ranch, but decided he wanted to act like a dog and started to follow my husband and I around everywhere. Then Larry (named for Larry Sizemore from Burn Notice because he's persistent, a great stalker, and loves to bring us deadees...) decided to move into our Sukkah over the weekend and has yet to leave.

The other cats are still patrolling the trails, wood piles, and barn on the ranch and go back to their cat nests or whatever out in the woods. Not Larry - he likes the luxury of the box with old dog blankets that was under a table on the patio by the pool.

Larry Purrsmore

Larry Purrsmore behind the grass

So now I just learned you have to link photos like the olden days. I guess I'll have to actually work on my websites again soon but for now here's some from the twits! :)

Hope ya'll are doing well. Much love!

Safe Travels and Happy Adventures!,

Alaina Bernadine

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Youre kitty pics look cute. 🚬

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