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looking4newmusic /ᐠ. .ᐟ\ฅ

hii. i need some more grind, mince, n skramz recs. i mostly only know bands local 2 me:(( im also open to any genre im jst tryna add on to my playlists<3

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gonna put you on fr.
some of my favorite scramz bands: orchid, moss icon, pg 99, saetia, william bonney (literally my fave EVER. such a good band), i hate sex, vs self…
some basic mince/goregrind: sunami, mom body, HKFY of course, brainspit, gulch, BULMA, larval therapy, haggus
if you like scramz, i think you’d like old grey. it’s a bit more leaning towards midwest emo, but still has some good screaming.

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thank you but i literally listen to all these bands LOL T_T

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