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Cyber Mind: Year 2000 is a psychological horror set in an alternate Y2K in which consumer androids are just about as common as the personal computer. Since New Year's, androids of Acid City, New Jersey have been going haywire, afflicted with a bug that makes them violently act out against humans who may or may not deserve it.

In this world, the leading producer of android is the Halosoft Electronics Corporation. Halosoft-brand humanoid androids are generally referred to as Livicoms: Living Computers.

hibiki himura portrait
Hibiki Himura is the main protagonist. He's a mute android kid with kinda-sorta psychic powers and amnesia; on New Year's Day, he woke up all alone in the trash with his memory totally wiped, no clue how he got there, why, or who he used to belong to. The one and only clue to his past he has is that Halosoft does not mass-produce robot children, so he must be a custom model, and one specifically built for housekeeping. Ever since, he's been on his own, and has taken it upon himself to figure out what's going on with all the rogue robots so he can stop it, protect humanity, and also prove that he is totally useful enough to not throw out again and maybe then his original owner will realize their mistake and take him back.

Poor Hibiki is WAY in over his head when it comes to this "protecting humanity" business, because he's only like, ten, and primarily doing this for both selfish reasons and because he has an extremely skewed sense of black and white morality, especially when it comes to the Three Laws of Robotics. Though he wants to be a pacifist, he feels obligated to destroy any and all threats to humanity, and his standards for what to deem as "a threat" are far lower than they should be. Someone who litters is equally evil as a mass murderer. He's a pretty damn judgmental little kid, and even though he can't speak verbally, he's absolutely the type to scold and lecture and yell at people much bigger and older than him until they admit their mistakes.

Speaking of his inability to speak, let's talk about Hibiki's psychic powers: all Halosoft androids have the ability to interface--in short, interfacing is touch-based telepathy between technology. As long as an android is making physical contact with an electronic, they can exchange signals, whether to talk silently with another android or just to tell the TV to change channel without reaching for the remote. Hibiki primarily uses this to communicate, since none of his friends know sign language, and since humans can't be interfaced with, he often has to resort to finding some kind of screen to display text on. But beyond simply accommodating for his disability, interfacing is also how he tends to deal with rogue robots--he can deep interface and dive into the minds of other robots to beat some sense into them from the inside out. He can also send wireless signals to throw small electronics across the room when he throws a tantrum.

In general, Hibiki can be kind of an arrogant brat sometimes, talking as if he thinks humans are inherently inferior, stupid and fragile creatures and that he's extremely smart and capable, but he has SERIOUS self worth issues. The arrogance is partly him just being blunt and taking himself way too seriously, but mostly it's a desperate attempt to convince others he's useful enough to keep around. He's a genuinely good, earnest kid who always just wants the best for other people, even if he's kinda forceful about it; he always wants to help everyone around him, offering to do favors or assist with anything he can, and if his services are rejected but he truly believes his help is needed, unless the Second Law was used to order him not to help, he most certainly will stick around and force his help onto you. He's been described as "scary good" at first aid, better at stitching up wounds than tying his shoes, and if you are injured and refusing to take care of yourself, he will drag you to the nearest chair and force you to sit still while he patches you up, pouting and glaring at you for being so reckless the whole time. 

He's a compassionate sweetheart that's too caring for his own good, but he's blunt and extremely gullible, overstating his own intelligence to the point he genuinely believes he is too smart to get tricked or manipulated. He's not even that smart, he's honestly kind of dumb. The only categories he's particularly smart about are insects [he ADORES insects and his favorites are rhinoceros beetles], first aid, and sixth grade level basic math. He's especially bad with computers--in fact, while human blood and gore doesn't bother him even slightly [he only gets distressed at the idea of a human getting hurt, but will mostly be annoyed by your recklessness], he is EXTREMELY squeamish about computer gore. He will refuse serious repairs for as long as possible because he is just too freaked out by the thought of being taken apart, and he ESPECIALLY does not trust mechanics or engineers in any way shape or form. 

He's honestly kind of a hypocrite when it comes to self care; while he's very forceful about making sure others take care of themselves, especially humans, but he more often than not completely neglects his own wellbeing. Not just in terms of repairs, but he refuses to sleep, too. When he has to recharge, he either stays fully online while plugged in, refusing to go into sleep mode, or he just drinks ele*K brand energy drinks and energy candy for Livicoms. He won't admit it, but he gets horrendous nightmares, so he's the world's most sleep-deprived fourth grader. This makes him even more on-edge than usual; he's jumpy, timid, and easily frightened, and especially quick to tears, partly thanks to leaky coolant tanks. Even if it isn't necessarily negative, Hibiki will cry in response to almost any significant emotion; if not crying, however, his immediate startle response is usually to point his arm cannons at whatever spooked him. The extra-long oversized sleeves of his signature coat can transform into arm cannons, and he also has jet boots and is the "fast but fragile" type in combat, usually frantically trying to run, dodge, and fly away than actually fight. A total glass cannon who would sooner overclock himself to the point of danger to his system just to give himself enough power to beat a tough threat.

misc hibiki hibiki fake screenshot: if you won't get out of my head, i'll just go into yours! hibiki fake screenshot: because you're just a useless little thing, aren't you? hibiki damaged with his arm cannons active
since i have extreme bias in favor of hibiki, the rest of these character profiles will be way shorter. hibiki's just my dear son who means the world to me. and also my favorite character


cain portrait
Cain Cohen is the deuteragonist of CMY2K, a runaway cyborg teen who refuses to indulge any information about his past. He's kind of an asshole who hates admitting he has feelings, but he has a soft spot for kids and, when he's not being a total dick, he's very overprotective of Hibiki. He's a total shitty older brother figure and tends to bully Hibiki more often than not, but if Hibiki is already miserable and clearly feeling bad about himself, Cain will quietly spend the next twelve hours trying to make him feel better. As he's a cyborg, Hibiki can technically interface with him, but Cain refuses to let him because he gets a nosebleed every time.

Cain is nothing if not detached and cynical. He's blunt, deadpan, and though he's always getting into fights with others, he's more likely to shut down an argument by telling the other person to kill themself than actually engage in discussion or even throwing insults around. He is extremely sixteen years old, with dissociation and depersonalization issues to boot. He's short-tempered and tactless, tending to sound like he's snapping at everyone around him even if he isn't actually mad at them. 

Even though he's the only one in the main trio who has to has to worry about blood loss, he's by far the most reckless and easily-provoked and has a bad habit of running headfirst into danger without thinking. He's a skater boy who loves hitting shit with his baseball bat. In terms of combat, he's the most balanced of the main three, a heavy hitter with speed on his side. Since he's a runaway dropout, he's broke as hell and homeless, squatting in, coincidentally, the same abandoned warehouse as Tex; those two have a shaky truce not to rat each other out so they can both have shelter.

cain full body sketches


tex portrait
Tex Tulsa is the tritagonist of CMY2K and the only one in the main trio with enough sense to keep the other two in line. He's a construction foreman Livicom who, suspiciously, hasn't been doing a lot of construction work lately. He's gruff and stern, good at bossing others around, but he has a heart of gold and the world's strongest fatherly instincts, so he feels obligated to protect these two kids he unwittingly became in charge of, doing his best to unsuccessfully keep their spirits up despite the all-consuming hollow pit in his chest. Big tough guy with a soft center, and trying to work on his temper. He tries to be laidback, relaxed, and optimistic, but he's keeping tons of secrets if only to get others off his back. 

He hates being treated like an authority figure, even if it's in his pre-programmed nature to take responsibility for others. He often gets frustrated by everyone else fighting over petty bullshit, but he isn't above getting into a shouting match with a sixteen year old. He also has a bad habit of dismissing and underestimating Hibiki, refusing to let the kid fight for himself, but to be fair, that kid puts WAY too much on his own shoulders. The kinda guy to get angry out of worry and then later sheepishly apologize and want to take it back. An overprotective papa bear who won't hesitate to snap someone's spine in half if need be, but he's pretty easy to fluster. The tank of the main three, slow but strong. Could easily throw a car if needed. Often finds himself shielding the other two and taking bullets for them, as they're both way more fragile and he's exceedingly sturdy.

tex full body sketches

blue portrait
Jae-Blue Moon, just called Blue by their friends, is a robotics engineering student and frequent ally of the main three. Despite their moderate lack of actual computer skills, Blue has always preferred robots to people, but he's much better with hardware than software. In fact, his interests in computers and their innards tend to veer just a little too close to "borderline depraved"; one of their greatest dreams in life is to get their hands on one of those fancy high-tech Livicoms and gut it just to see how it works--but don't get them wrong, they fully respect robot autonomy and are passionately in support of their rights as people!! They would never take a screwdriver to an android without explicit permission. That said, they can be kinda pushy when it comes to obtaining said permission. Like I said, they're bad with people--this extends to robots they view as people.

Blue would definitely prefer to be a robot instead of a human just because it would be soooo cool; they indulge in this by moonlighting as the mech-suited self-proclaimed superhero Proxy and often get to fight alongside Hibiki, but only while in armor. Since Hibiki has a phobia of mechanics, and Blue is one, Hibiki does not trust Blue in the slightest, but thinks Proxy is one of the coolest fellow robots on earth and looks up to them as a role model, and has no idea they're the same person. After meeting, Blue becomes the go-to mechanic for Hibiki and Tex whenever one of them desperately needs actual repairs, but it's always a kind of hesitant "do we really have to go to that guy...?" Blue would love if Hibiki looked up to them the same way he does Tex and Blue's roommate Zinnia, but Hibiki is too suspicious of them.

Blue vastly prefers they/them pronouns, but since this is 1999, most people default to he/him, which he doesn't entirely mind. As for hobbies, they're a musician who loves circuitbending, collecting various electronics and battery-powered toys [as well as the remains of more advanced robots] to gut and repurpose into either remote-control drones for weapons, or techno instruments. Makes all their money from being a surprisingly prolific hardcore artist on the net, alongside their roommate Zinnia.

blue full body sketch proxy full body sketch


zinnia portrait
Zinnia Rosario-Padilla is Blue's roommate and Hibiki's role model. She's a med student specializing in applied cybernetics, more focused on the human side of things than the computer science side, partly to try and develop some kind of cybernetic enhancement that would cure or at least mitigate her godawful chronic dizzy spells and fatigue. Though they keep asking, she refuses to play field medic for Blue when they go out and play superhero. Hibiki thinks she's the coolest ever because she wants to be a doctor, and he's always trying to show off how good he is at first aid to her; she thinks he's adorable and treats him like a little brother. Would love to go to industrial raves if it didn't mean she would guaranteed faint; instead, she blasts music loud as fuck and often works alongside Blue to produce techno tracks. She and Blue met outside a rave where Blue helped her after almost fainting, and they realized since they are the two even slightly out trans people at their school in 1999, they decided to stick together.

Zinnia is the type to stubbornly refuse to accept help she desperately needs because she doesn't want to seem useless or pathetic; she's the type who doesn't know how to say thanks without getting all shy about it. Often says morbid suicidal things as a joke, but she's so deadpan it's often hard to tell whether or not she actually is joking. A compulsive liar, but only about insignificant things. Collects weird preserved dead things in various forms. Seems like a cynical cool big sister type, but she only seems stoic and reserved because she's a shy introvert who freezes up when people suddenly start talking to her. Self-conscious about being perceived as lazy, and since she tends to oversleep and has to take frequent breaks while walking to class or else risk fainting, she's often late to class. Easily flustered and embarrassed. She often plays support in combat, but when necessary, she has a tommy gun to help out from the sidelines.

zinnia full body sketch


voltaire portrait
Voltaire is a voltage control maintenance Livicom, Hibiki's previous mentor figure before meeting Tex, and the main antagonist of the pilot episode. He's like a cool gay uncle; kind of eccentric and flamboyant with a tendency to overreact and act impulsively to his own detriment, but he ultimately means well. He's the one that taught Hibiki how to deep-interface. Very theatrical and showy, tends to act playfully and is very teasing, but he's great in a leadership role. Responsible and has a strong sense of justice, always wanting to do the best for others. He can succumb to his urges a little too easily, and though he doesn't show it, he fears he won't be able to resist the urge to do something terrible.

voltaire full body sketch

teeny portrait
Teeny is a loose cannon with a thirst for vengeance and a god complex. She often rejects reality and engages in excessive fantasy instead. She has a tendency to put on completely fake personalities to best suit whatever situation she's in, most often acting very cheerful, sweet, and friendly, sometimes trying to make herself into a cool big sister type. She has a protagonist complex in which she believes she is the main character of the universe and everything should revolve around her, but she's actually the main antagonist of CMY2K's second season. She will act controlling and manipulative to get whatever she wants, and when she doesn't, she totally flips her shit. She sees herself as naturally superior to everyone else, especially humans, and she can be damn vicious, cruel, and mocking to anyone she feels is below her once her lying cover is blown. Everyone around her should just worship and adore her.

Originally, she was the personal assistant android of Halosoft's CEO, but she was thrown out and replaced with a newer model. Now, she has a vendetta against him, because she thought they had something special together, but rather than attacking him directly, she created a whole personal VR world in cyberspace in which she can act out her revenge/romance fantasies. She really just wants to be the main character in a romcom, even if she has to brainwash people to play the roles of the other characters. Though she's kinda weak and fragile in real life, in her cyberspace world, she is an excessively overpowered force to be reckoned with, with the ability to summon whatever weapon she wants whenever she wants--most often going for Big Fucking Guns, but she also likes chainsaws and meathooks--and when that isn't enough, she can warp her reality to her will, especially to create a hellscape personally catered to whatever person she is trying to enact extreme levels of psychological torment on.

teeny full body sketch
teeny fake screencap: because i'm the protagonist. duh.

KK portrait
KK is a lethally detached rogue robot who has sworn off feigning humanity and fully embraced [albeit apathetically] being a machine. It refuses to indulge its original primary function and has modified its body to be completely unrecognizable, removing its face and replacing all appendages with bladed weapons. Though it seems like a bloodthirsty killing machine, it only harms those that deserve it, and when someone does deserve it, KK goes all out, rendering them into naught but pulp. Often simply dismisses those it doesn't feel deserve its attention, especially Hibiki, who thinks KK is the worst threat to humanity the world has ever seen. KK just thinks he's a stubborn little pest. Thinks human notions of gender are silly at best, especially when it comes to gendering unthinking objects like robots. Does not abide by any of the Three Laws. It's cunning and well-spoken, often going on and on using big flowery vocabulary in its soft-spoken tone. The type to call people worms or monkeys. Often condescending. Hates being touched more than anything else.

KK full body sketch KK edgy sketch KK and hibiki: my you're certainly a persistent little pest


mantid portrait
Mantid is an excessively-timid pest control Livicom working in a botanical garden. His life is only a living hell because of his extreme social anxiety and undiagnosed panic disorder. He's a softspoken meek pushover, constantly repressing so much simultaneous panic and rage that he is liable to one day explode and straight up bite somebody's head off. Since he works at a botanical garden, he's constantly mistaken for a tour guide, and has to timidly apologize to humans for not actually knowing all that much about the plants on display in a voice so shaky and high-pitched from nerves that he just sounds like he's on the verge of tears every second of every day. Just wants a break. He takes care of pests and invasive insects by sniping them with his mantis claws. It's the only thing he finds any joy or satisfaction in whatsoever, despite how much he absolutely fucking hates his job.

mantid full body sketch


this isn't even close to the extent of all the characters; since CMY2K follows a "villain of the week" format, there's a new antagonist each episode, not to mention other major recurring characters i just have yet to draw. i intend to make a proof of concept short film this year [as my final thesis for class], so please wish me luck

if the images don't work i'll cry the hardest anyone ever has

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I would honestly KILL for this to be a show your OCs are so interesting and the lore too UGH I LOVE IT

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WAHHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH THAT'S SO SWEET OF YOU!!!! <3 i fully intend to make this an animated series, that's my ultimate career goal, and this year for my final student film i'm making a little proof of concept short for it. thank you so so much!!!!!!!!^_^

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Will u post your concept short anywhere online?

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absolutely!! it's gonna be on youtube and i'll definitely link to it here on my spacehey blog too^_^ i'm really excited to work on it, i'm framing it like a piece of obscure lost media i found on some random Mysterious VHS tape

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