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HELP how do I find music in foreign languages

I wanna learn spanish and I also like music so I feel like finding good spanish singers will help me improve. however!! I have no idea where to go to find any new artists. even looking for good english artists can take months for me to be honest. is there like a site that can help me find artists based on language and genre?? or any other method where I don't have to sift through too much of what I don't like?? I know how pretentious this sounds, but Im not sure if Im really keen on top 40 charts too much, I know Ill get bored and just go back to english music (not good!!!!) thanks for any advice !! :DD

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Maybe just look for the genre you like in Spanish??
Idk but there is an app called bopdrop where ppl just post the music there listening too and there is a tab for music in Spanish. Beside that idk heres a playlist one of my old friends made with a bunch of music in Spanish to get you started

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Im browsing through the playlist and its EXACTLY the sort of stuff Im after I can't tell you just how grateful I am !!!!! same with bopdrop too it looks perfect I pray you get A*s in all of your exams this year ^^

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