18th Birthday pt 2

OKKKKKKk so we've got a place and glamorous invitations! I'm gonna order my decorations found off shein (Super pink and black, super cute, super sparkly, animal print 2000s yk how i do) And I gotta find a fabulous cake! Also I found a super cute dress,its an awesome zebra print dress and I'm gonna add a pink ribbon to it! I also gotta make my press-ons, (que the inspo)

Y2k party 💗💋 Lizzie McGuire the ultimate 2000s show | Party cakes, Pretty  birthday cakes, 26 birthday cake Pin on the 90s and early 2000s It looks so...... Real..........Yummm(; | Couture cakes, Birthday cakes for  women, Cakes for women mcbling☆

mcbling hello kitty cake|TikTok Search Mcbling trashy y2k late 2000s aesthetic nails idea in 2023 | Flare acrylic  nails, Luv nails, Duck nails ̗̀ MISS VONDUTCH ̖́- — duck nails 💅😍 Pin by 🎧 on inspo in 2023 | Unique acrylic nails, Bling nails, Bling  acrylic nails

47 Best Duck Tip Nails!!!! ideas | duck tip nails, nails, duck nails

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