2023/10/02 - October!!!

I was gonna make an entry yesterday, but tbh i kinda forgot oops

I'm generally pretty lenient on this, since it's just a thing I'm doing to get myself to think about the day-to-day more. Idk abt y'all, but I find it's really easy to fall into this feeling of like. You're basically living a time loop? Where every day feels so interchangeable that it doesn't even matter keeping track anymore, and the days kind of just slip by without doing anything meaningful. So, I figure if I write stuff like this more, it'll make individual days feel more meaningful, since I'll have to really think about all the little stuff. Plus, I might try to actually do more things just so I know what to write about lolll

Anyway, it's October now!! Yippee!! I love the fall :)

I think in my last entry I mentioned I was going to a market thing this past weekend, and I did do that. I got some neat stuff, my favourite thing is definitely this necklace that has this tiny hand-painted death's head moth that uses iridescent paint so it kinda shines :D I might make a bulletin sharing it too later tbh

photo of the painted moth necklace

this isnt a great photo but im in class so i can't get a better one atm

Aside from that, I've been doing a little messing around with Live2D for the funsies, dunno if that will go anywhere interesting but it's neat. The day's still pretty early so admittedly I don't have that much to say, but I think it's gonna be a mostly chill day. I just have the one class, plus a meeting later in the day (I need to check when actually lol).

Maybe I'll work on my silent hill 3 dialogue documentation, or play one of the games ive been meaning to play, i dunno. Might edit this to add more later, if there's anything of note.

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