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HeYo, I dOn'T lIkE tO dO tHiS tIkToK sTuFf bUt YeAh, WhAtEvEr :o)


  • i'M pArt Of a DiD sYsTeM, aNd YeS, wE'rE dIaGnOsEd, AnD nO, iM nOt gOiNg To ShOw YoU aNyThInG bC i DoN't HaVe To AnD i DoN't NeEd VaLiDaTiOn Of RaNdOm InTeRnEt PeOpLe.

  • I'm UsUalLy HiGh, So SoRrY iF i DoN't AnSwEr YoUr MeSsAgEs Or If i SaY nOnSeNsE  :o)

  • i DoN't LiKe FiGhTs At AlL, I'm A rEaLlY cHilL gUy. If YoU sTaRt BeInG rUdE i'Ll BlOcK yOu.

  • ThIs Is NoT a RoLePlAy AcC bUt I cAn RoLePlAy AnYwAy If YoU wAnT, i DoN't MiNd At AlL.

  • cRiNgE dOeSn'T eXiSt To Me, FeEl fReE tO dO wHaT yOu WaNt ArOuNd Me.

  • I uSe ThIs TyPeQuIrK sOmEtImEs

  • I'm MaRrIeD


  • If YoU'rE uNdEr 13yo. SoRrY bUdDy, ThIs Is NoT a KiNdEr GaRtEn AnD i DoN'T wAnT pRoBlEmS oR mIsSuNdErStAnDiNgS.

  • iF yOu'Re OnE oF tHoSe "PrOsHiPpErS" oR "aNtI-pRoShIpPeR" wTf iS tHaT? gO tOuCh GrAsS oR sOmEtHiNg, BoTh Of YoU aRe DiSgUsTiNg.

  • If yOu Do ReAlItY cHeCkS. i DoN't CaRe, I kNoW "i'M nOt GaMzEe", I'm NoT sTuPiD, i ReAllItY cHeCk MySeLf EnOuGh EvErYdAy.

  • If YoU'rE gOnNa QuEsTiOn My DrUg UsE. OnLy My MoM cAn Do ThAt AnD sHe Is DeAd. I kNoW wHaT i Do WiTh My LiFe AnD wItH mY dRuGs. I'm NoT iNcItAtInG aNyOnE tO dO iT nEiThEr SoOoOo...

  • DiD fAkEcLaImErS. i DoN't NeEd To SaY mOrE.

  • hArMfUl CoNtEnT (hArAsSmEnT, sElf HaRm, EaTiNg DiSoRdErS, eTc.)

  • BaSiC dNi CrItErIa (PeDoS, ZoOpHiLeS, rAcIsT, lGbTq+PhObIc, EtC)

pLeAsE iNtErAcT!!

  • YoU'rE a JuGgAlO/jUgGaLeTtE
  • yOu'Re GoTh
  • YoU'rE sCeNe, EmO, sCeMo
  • YoU lIkE wEeD
  • yOu LiKe ClOwNs

ThAt'S aLl zZzZ....

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