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It's Spooky Month!

And for this year, I'm picking a game I fell in love with but never got the time to finish.
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

I'm gonna play it on my PS2 Slim since that's the save file with the most progress.
One thing I did notice though is that after a while my disc will stop looping music and if I press Start the game freezes. Sometimes, stuff like this will happen. Don't know what you're looking at? Well. Occasionally, Outer Wall will be covered in a semi-transparent fog. Because my disc was having issues reading, what you see happened. I panicked and tried to get to the save room at the top. I almost made it but several Medusa heads (which I can't freakin' see by the way.) kept knocking me back. Eventually, I just looked up a map of the area on my phone since the in-game one was almost useless. After a few minutes, I managed to save. I really need to see about getting this disc resurfaced. Thankfully, I already backed the game up on my PS3 should the disc actually stop working.

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