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I sleep so much ✨a realization✨


I realised I sleep so much like what- in first period and second period and now come to think of it, sixth period too. I'm always asleep but get this in first period my teacher is so used to it that she just LET'S ME SLEEP??? And it second period my teacher does not seem to care. Anyways, the other day I was in the car with my cousin listening to Tokio Hotel which of course made me fall asleep but then the second that he turned off Tokio Hotel I somehow woke up and now he keeps brining that up XD. Also, I literally fell asleep at my own birthday party. Like HOW?! I mean it was like 20:00 but still. AND THEN I also always fall asleep at lunch like seriously how does one sleep at lunch?!? So basically the thing is I am very eepy.

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jewelpet_fan!!! ^_^🍀🍭💗🌈🧁

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ur so eepy

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