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Regarding the situation going on...

Who the hell is PHILIP??? imagine yo name being philip n they tellin u to cut yo shit mannnn i woulda doxxed they ass... and as for the other things... #justwhitepeopleproblems

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Can you run up my new tweet

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Bra we on spacehey wtf am i gone do on here

by hamburger; ; Report

whats a tweet dont u need a cellphone for that :p

by Kay; ; Report

Kay stop larping on here ur 20

by hamburger; ; Report

anyone else get error 500 >~<

by Kay; ; Report

Kay stop sayin >~< ur 20

by Guest 2439; ; Report

Who the fuck broke my comment section man

by hamburger; ; Report

thank you vlc media player although i prefer mpv :3

by Kay; ; Report