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Venting my anger :33

OMG haiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X33 lately ive been snapping at my family because they treat me like a total PUSHOVER!! >:( and when i stand up for myself IM THE BAD GUY??  plus not to mention i been having crazy mental breakdown and surprise surprise they dont care!! and uuggghh they say im getting scary and they drag me out of my room to "hangout" when i know theyre talking about me!! theyre so loud i can hear them from my room!!! thier way worst than me not to mention how self centered they are!! they dont give a shit about anything or anyone all they care about is gossip. AND ughgh i dont even want to talk about them but i need to get this off my chest. OOU AND THEY  CANCELeD MY THERAPY LIKE WTH?? my only escape is in my dreams now!~~ is what im doing wrong? is it because i dont lke talking to them because it turns into an argument uggh i dont know anymore i just want to be myself not a happy oh jolly 24/7  kid. im 85% sure they hate me

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