Movie List (To Be Watched)

Rah, I've got so many movies that I wanna see, but I'm worried that they won't be as good as how they look.

For example, I saw the movie The Dreamers and the actors did an amazing job, however it did not save the movie from is gross plotline. I am not sure if I can go into details, so I'll spare you. On Pinterest it looks like a great movie but it really isn't the best.

Here's the list of movies that I personally want to watch at some point. I do take recommendations, but I'd prefer if we go based on the list I have.

If a movie is bad, please let me know before I figure it out myself :')

Fallen Angels

I am Sam

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Session 9

Jennifer's Body

The Craft

Running on Empty



Words on Bathroom Walls

Kill Your Darlings

Life as a House (1988)

Dazed and Confused (1993)

La Belle Personne

Mid 90's


This Summer Turned Out Pretty

Moral of the Story: Check the audience reviews on movies before seeing them.

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