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2 many ideas & plans

I H8 having 2 many good ideas but not knowing how to actually do them! Like i feel like i wanna host a house party but idk how to start it!!! Also going to the mall with my friends or going somewhere random just to goof around but i feel like they won't be able to go :(

I feel like I have SO MANY ideas that I NEVER get around to doing, having 2 many ideas for wut u wanna do rlly sucks!! HOWEVER recently I've been trying to stay positive (even tho it's pretty hard 2 sometimes) and it's honestly have done the best 4 me!! But sometimes people are just bitches 4 NO REASON >:(

Srry i got side tracked (u'll c a lot of that) just wanted to get this off my chest

Luv ya girlies!! XOXO

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