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hey guyz

idk what to really put here so im just gonna say whatever 

my dr told me a few days ago not to skate anymore because it aggrivates my costochondritis and ive already barely been doing it recently because it got to the point where my intire ribcage and back fuckin KILLED like i could barely move or breathe but i did it anyway (omg ajax goes outside not clickbait) because i dont want to stop. i am also really ill and sleep deprived (nothing new there) and was superr dizzy >⁠.⁠< i tried a fs 180 and after like the 3rd attempt i went flying because i had zero energy and fell on my fuckin back thank you to the useless excuses of humans nearby who cared for my safety whilst disoriented in the middle of the road who did not care that a car was on its way to crush me (sadly it did not) then i felt really fucking sick and continued for like 45 minutes which was really clever cuz now my ribcage is superrr inflamed and it KILLS to breathe i should really get some ice or a hot water bottle or some shit but cba to move. made zero progress today and embarrassed myself infront of a bunch of strangers as always (im so shit at skating help). 

i put my kt tape on like 2 hours ago cuz im a silly little t boy which usually helps secure it a little but i cant take fucking pain killers cuz i took multiple daily for a month straight and i dont fancy more health problems ⁠T⁠_T so ill put up with it like a real man would 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 

hopefully i don't die in my sleep tonight. (lie) i have school tomorrow and i really cant be bothered to sit through 4 hours of working (i barely do anything) 

i might try sleep soon but you know ill be asleep past midnight prolly on like ao3 or some shit. 

thats it thats the bullshit ive spouted for today.


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