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songs i cant stop listening to right now 

listen here [ + some more songs ] 

mojo pin - jeff buckley 

i've gotta stop - mazzy star 

everything reminds me of her - elliott smith 

spaceboy - the smashing pumpkins 

sometimes - my bloody valentine 

lose me on the way - hope sandoval & the warm inventions 

love songs on the radio - mojave 3

souvlaki space station - slowdive 

nowhere near - yo la tengo 

i still do - the cranberries 

underneath the stars - the cure 

reptilia - the strokes 

seekers who are lovers - cocteau twins 

bulletproof... i wish i was - radiohead 

fell in love at 22 - starflyer 59

i have the moon - lush 

she found now - my bloody valentine 

murder your memory - title fight 

you are a light - pavement 

the boy - the smashing pumpkins 

no more like that - eiafuawn

sodium chloride - panchiko

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