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This is so fun !!

‧₊˚❀༉‧₊˚. ‧₊˚❀༉‧₊˚. ‧₊˚❀༉‧₊˚. ‧₊˚❀༉‧₊˚. ‧₊˚❀༉‧₊˚. ‧₊˚❀༉‧₊˚.

I consider that this website, for me, is like a kind of safe space, due the fact that it’s different of other social media, like it isn’t recognized, or in any case, not very explored!!

I remember I watched a video from tiktok that said all the social media have to be like spacehey, and I agree bcs it’s very fun!!

Know new people and their interest, etc, I think that more than anything, it is socialization. In my opinion, this may help a lot of people, or entertaining them.

I hope that everything goes well interacting with others!!

(I hope that my english is understandable and there’s no bad spelling TT) 


⋆ ˚ ꩜。 ⋆୨୧˚ ⋆ ˚ ꩜。 ⋆୨୧˚ ⋆ ˚ ꩜。 ⋆୨୧˚ ⋆ ˚ ꩜。 ⋆୨୧˚ ⋆ ˚ ꩜。 ⋆୨୧˚ ⋆ ˚ ꩜。 ⋆୨୧˚

Considero que este sitio web, para mí, es como una especie de espacio seguro, debido a que se diferencia de otras redes sociales, como que no es reconocido, o en todo caso, poco es explorado!!

Recuerdo que vi un video de tiktok que decía que todas las redes sociales deberían ser como spacehey, y estoy de acuerdo, por que es muy divertido :D

Conocer a nueva gente y sus intereses… yo creo que más que nada es socialización, en mi opinión, eso puede ayudar a bastantes personas o entretenerlas.

Espero que todo vaya bien al interactuar con otros!!

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i knoww, i try to be active on here more bc its so nice compared to other social media

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It's interesting to know bcs I do it 2 !!

Tysm for comment (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

by Juelexx!_; ; Report

I think this was before the internet was about views n likes and it was more for actual interaction? You have to type and you can find new people go friend and talk to. It's rlly nice :3

by Amadeux Xandros; ; Report