complaining b4 the week starts 😭

The week hasn’t even fucking started and guess what??? i’m already kinda mad, so i was packing my shit up bc my parents and i are driving back home from florida since it isn’t that far, and i got a sleeping bag i wanted to put BACK into the sleeping bag bag bc like that’s where it goes yk?? so i’m sitting in like this nook, trying to fold this bitch and shove it into the stupid ass bag AND IT WONT FUCKING GO IN, AND IM ALREADY SWEATY AND TIRED AND OUT OF BREATH BC OF THIS HOT ASS ROOM IM IN IN A VERY SMALL CONFINED SPACE, (bc i was in a trailer) AND ON THE VERGE OF HAVING A MENTAL BREAKDOWN OVER A FUCKING SLEEPING BAG ISTG 

But on the bright side, as of right now i’m like 2 and a half hours away from home and i have gummy sharks n some strawberry drink or whatever so i’m happy rn ^_^

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