I was standing.

Under the Blossoming Apple tree.

And I stare up at the tree.

Feeling time and wind move around me.

Sometimes It goes slow.

Sometimes It goes fast.

There Is a sun In the blue cloudy sky.

and then In seconds, there Is The moon in the night sky with stars.

I feel myself slowly losing a grip on everything around me.

Losing my balance.

Slowly changing as the reality alters.

The clock reaches Its chime.

the ground beneath me opens.

and Im falling.

Into the dark world beneath me.

I dont freak out.

I let myself change.

I let the silence.

the peace.

the cold atmosphere.

calm me down.

as a voice speaks in my head:

"Hey... Its okay, Dont be scared, everything will be okay".

Its soothing voice Is giving me the comfort I needed.

telling me nice things.

Telling me everything will be okay.

The darkness around me also comforts me.

Feeling Its cold embrace as I feel myself changing.

what was once there. 

becomes a another person.

while I am becoming a different being.


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