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travel diary: days 3, 4, and 5!

we left off on day 3, so i'll pick up from there!

the day was pretty uneventful, but in the evening we went to a baseball game! :) it was really cool, since ive been to sooo many baseball games in america. i got some melon soda and split come fried chicken w my fam, it was sooo good, way better (adn cheaper) than american stadium food lol

the game was kinda boring since it was 0-0 most of the time, but eventually our home team got a home run so we ended up winning! yay :3

i also got my first nihongo jouzu here lmao. some ppl get mad but tbh i just think its funny x)

the next day was pretty uneventful, we did some light shopping around the neighbourhood like getting some bread for breakfast and doing laundry and stuff like that. my host mom went back to the house before us and waited for us to come back with the laundry, but i didn't tell her that we were going to walk around after, so she had to come looking for us lol. thankfully, we kinda stick out so she just went in to places and was like "are there two foreigners here??" and eventually found us lmfao. 

after we had ramen for lunch and i got to eat the melonpan from the bakery, it was sooo good

and also the project sekai strawberry creme wafer which made a huge mess :P

i got rin~! lucky :) its so cheap and the strawberry wafer is good enough for me to keep buying them until i get emu hehe

after lunch we went to a few stores and the supermarket, which was so strange because it was exactly like one in america (not like a walmart but a bit smaller... idk what to compare it to, maybe aldis?) except almost everything in the aisles was unrecognizeable! or at least i couldnt tell from the package right away... kind of an eye opening experience that makes me realize that there is sooooo much stuff about japanese culture they can't teach you in school!

nothing much else for this day. it was nice.

today started out the same as every other day so far, waking up super early and laying in bed until breakfast (a thick slice of bread and water lol) then back to the big shopping district and underground. it was super fancy there, like the walls in the bathroom had flowers encased in glass and everything was so clean and nice. it reminded me of disney, if the disney bathrooms were ever clean lmfao

i learned how to read the bus routes too, and while on the bus, a guy with a kemono friends shirt got on and i was so shocked! i wanted to say something to him really bad but i was too scared in the end :'(( 

but we did a little walking around and ate at a cool restruant and i had oyakodon, which is chicken and egg on rice! it was yummy! but one of the other customers coming in to the restaurant said "OMG look, foreigner!!" and the waitresses all came to look and talk to us too lmfao it was kinda cute so i didnt mind. they proabably dont get foreigners very often so it was special for them too!

i set out to find a plug converter for my laptop, but i wasn't sure how to ask about it in japanese so at the store i relied on my host mom to help communicate with the people at the store. once we were in the right area i found the product i needed and said that this was all but the guy helping us didn't listen to me and kept insisting that i get the one meant for people from SEAsian countries... X_X thankfully i know when a man is trying to pull some bullshit and i trusted my own judgment bc now im using it and it works fine :^)

after that, my mom and i seperated from our host family and i took the chance to do some otaku stuff~ i went to the anime resale shop and got 3 figures! the worker there was kinda rude for no reason, but i got what i wanted so i guess it doesnt really matter all that much. then after that to an arcade, they had a line of gacha machines but i didnt really think any of them were that good so i didnt get anything. i did play wacca, taiko, and maimai! it was fun :) 

after the arcade i was kinda tired so we rode the bus back home, it was really relaxing to watch the city go by. then to the conbini for a sec to get some apple cider and home again~ ready for bed -w-

thats all for this update!! im not sure what our plans are for tomorrow~ hopefully soon we can visit a shrine so i can get some good luck lol

thank you for reading!! <3

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that looks like so much fun !! something im always jelous of is how cheap the food is over there, like the videos online here i see that you can get a good bowl meal for less then 5 bucks.....
MAIMAI MY BELOVEDDD my fav rhythm game ever <3 the rin card looks super cute too !!!

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Marie ☆ Valeria's wife

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The Rin card omgg so cuteee

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