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Hello!! (TW)

Hi guys!

You can call me Kat. I'm 20 yrs old, Aussie, fem.

I just wanted to take this first blog post to explain to you why I am here. I made this Spacehey account around a year ago, but I never used it. Around a week ago my boyfriend broke up with me, and my mental health absolutely derailed. I've been abusing myself in many ways, but I feel like I can't get anything off my chest through regular social media because of the stigma, or through my instagram fan accounts because I have too many young followers. Basically I'm here to vent about my life, journal, tell you about my memories, and hopefully create a basis for a memoir when I'm old asf and my life is over.

A little about my mental state: I have ASD (so far undiagnosed but I will pursue diagnosis next year), anxiety, disordered eating habits, self harm, suicidal ideation, and fall on promiscuity to fill the void whenever I'm lonely.

Anyways beyond all that I have a bunch of interests, so I hope that they will shine through in spite of all the bullshit I'm dealing with.

Add me as a friend to read the rest of my diary. I hope you all enjoy your voyeuristic glimpses of my little world.

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