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Anyone who ever had a Saw phase/obsession knows what big of a deal Saw X was going to be. Surprisingly it turned out to be more appreciated than most of the original Saw movies. In this blog I am going to write a honest review, as someone who's a huge fan of the franchise.

Plot—Spoiler free

Compared to Jigsaw returns, this script was a huge glow up. The way the writers showed Amanda's and John's relationship was well-done and incredibly touching. I loved that in the movie Amanda wasn't portrayed as the antagonist, rather a misunderstood, broken character. It was more than obvious that Leigh had nothing to do with the script, other than the characters, it didn't have the edge of the original Saw movies, which on the one hand, was a bit of disappointing as someone who's fond of Leigh's earlier works, on the other hand, it seemed more natural, humanly and real, which was unexpected but very pleasant. Oh and the actors... Kudos for them, they were already amazing in the first movies, but they improved so much! 

Traps—Slight spoilers

It was more than obvious that Kevin knew how to make a trap scenes suffocating and tense and oh boy was I always in a fight or flight during the movie. Kind of missed the shakey 360 camera work of the original movie, just for the tradition, but other than that it was a wild ride. I am super satisfied with the ideas of the traps, they were more realistic and saw-like. I could definitely imagine these in the original franchise. My absolute favourite was the radiation trap. It wasn't visibly that phenomenal, but the false hope and mild twist after the first chain being knocked off was the perfect choice for the movie. 

References to the original movies—Spoilers

That's something I certainly missed. Of course the entire plot is somewhat connected to Saw VI, but other than that it was highly lacking that strong bond with the other movies. It starred Shawnee Smith as Amanda throughout most of the movie, but Costas only appearing in the post credit scene was a huge let down, it seemed lazy. The entire movie was teased by the returning actors, the original bathroom and calling it a 'reawakening', but most of it was all mushed into the post credit scene, almost like a marketing strategy to get fan's attention (as if we wouldn't watch any saw content available lol). Plus, apparently the movie takes place a week after the first movie, how is Zep's and Adam's body already rotting in a shape of a corpse? T-T



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