what is zup

guys im back after 5ever,. im still working on the cool layout becuase im just like that but i have a big big problem i cant decide if it should be like a tv screen computer screen or just seinfeld apartment,.,................. should i like use a random number generatro or make all 3 and see what i like best or something,.,., idk,,.., new layout coming. not anytime soon but its coming.,

sorry ive been gone. i keep getting distracted becuase homework so uh maybe in the winter when i have free time again. or next summer when i have free time again. im on that 5 ap class grind (CALC AB PHYSICS APUSH LANG COMP SCI PRINCIPLES) i hope my physics and calc teahcer hits his head on a rockĀ  and gets amnesia so my grade collectively can teach him to be a better teacher and to make a mother effing POWER POINT PRESENTATION!!!!!!!!!!1 but yeah i cant do much because the homework never endsĀ :( :( :( :( :( and other stuff happened too,.,..,,,. my beautiful husband george costanza is of course my number one priority but i found out about poker night at the inventory like 2 weeks ago and nowi cant stop watching homestar runner.., strong bad IS me and i love him an abnormal amount...,.,.,..,,. im also working very hard making music for my awesome cool band bleedybloodymurdermen (shameless plug cool cool cool) . so ,. i will add when i feel like it ,. or when i feel like it and am available because i feel like it a lot. if you read this to the end then thank you i love you very much

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