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My girlfriend showed me this

I had no choice she wanted dragged me into this place after I complained that current social media platforms dont let you express yourself enough on your profile pages like they used to. like imagine having a tiktok page that you could customize especially with people often times making very specific content for their pages I just think it would be a nice addition but corporations are too boring nowadays.

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Tbh that's so based

Welcome to spacehey btw! :P

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real recognizes real
its also kind of nifty to have a place where no one in my real life can find me so i could post like anything i want without judgement. (not in a creepy way lol)

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Omg, it makes everything so much easier :3

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I also find it interesting that because of that reason ill be able to meet some weird or interesting people. Due to the anonymity youll either find the realest people or the fakest on here and either way its interesting as hell.

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You get more and more based in every reply OMGGG <3

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